Literacy of Environment- (staff)

     Training Objectives: Environmental Literacy for Staff

     +Overall Objective:  Empower staff with the knowledge, skills, and values to become effective agents of   

     environmental change within their communities.

     +Specific Objectives:

        +Understand core principles of environmental ethics and apply them to decision-making.

        +Appreciate the intrinsic value of nature and foster respect for the natural world.

+Identify resources for environmental projects and manage grants effectively.

+Develop strategies for engaging communities and designing successful environmental initiatives.

         +Empower individuals and groups to take ownership of environmental issues in their communities.

+ Analyze the health impacts of environmental degradation and promote informed decision-making.

         + Gain an overview of key environmental laws and regulations.

+Develop effective communication strategies for engaging diverse audiences.

+Encourage active participation in advocating for stronger environmental policies.