Awareness of climate change STUDIES (Youth) / Germany- Berlin

Activity Title:  Awareness of climate change STUDIES (Youth)


 Day 1. Institution trip, meeting, a presentation of Germany National Education System. In the afternoon ‘pedal against air pollution’ biking tour activity in Berlin with the help of Local NGO (each attendant who has the ability to ride will be provided the bikes by the Local NGO)

Day 2. Paintings and /caricatures workshops about the climate change will be held (in Berlin Artists NGO workshops)

Day 3. ‘For a liveable world, think green and plant a tree.’

Day 4. ‘Stop the Climate Change’ activity (A conference will be given by a physical science professor from Local University between 9 am and 11 am.

Day 5: For the "Energy from the sun" event, races will be organized with mini solar cars.